Ed Brill blogged yesterday about the 2010 Lotus awards. There will be two new categories for open source contributions:
  • Best open source contribution by an individual
  • Best open source contribution by a business partner

For both categories, Lotus awards will be presented to the individual/business partner that provides the best template, solution or sample, made available via open source through OpenNTF.org. The offering must leverage new technology innovations introduced into the IBM Lotus Notes and/or IBM Lotus Domino 8.X such as XPages, widgets, Eclipse plugins (e.g. for sidebar), etc. Entries will be judged based on wow factor and innovation, potential business value and possible reuse and documentation.

Ed wrote ...
These are brand new, evidence of IBM's commitment to OpenNTF.org.  I don't think the awards form says this, but as a special bonus, the winner of the individual contribution award will receive a Lotusphere 2010 pass.  And oh, the OpenNTF.org awards are not open to members of the OpenNTF steering committee -- the whole point here is to bring additional contributors into OpenNTF.org.

The Lotus Awards web page contains some more information. However we're working on fine tuning the guidelines and judging criteria specifically for these two categories. For example an extra guideline will describe the prerequisite for submissions in these categories that the authors need to be approved OpenNTF contributors, e.g. they have to have an ICLA or CCLA.

Furthermore we are evaluating whether the OpenNTF community can actually do the (final) judging for these two categories, e.g. via IdeaJam voting.

I hope we can post the more detailed instructions later this week.

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